• Projekt Manager Fahrgastinformationssysteme (PM CCTV/PAPIS)

    Transport and Rail

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    €75K - €85K

Projekt Manager Fahrgastinformationssysteme (PM CCTV/PAPIS), Bayern, Transport and Rail, €75K - €85K

I am looking to speak to an experienced project manager for the following challenging role:

* Support Tender activities with a focus on Terms & Condition, FAC and CM consolidation used for the official offer.

In project execution phase :

* Guarantee the performance of projects (Quality, cost, lead time and Kpi) and CM consolidation, since the order intake until the end of warranty period
* Main representative for customer communication/interface/meetings for an efficient project execution
* Application of Project process rules including Milestones management:

* Kick-off meeting
* Specification
* Pre-design
* Product validation
* First Serie and ramp-up
* Serie follow-up
* End of Warranty

* Lead and manage project activities with his core team (meeting, MoM, project follow-up, …)
* Build and follow-up the Project Planning including
* activities of each department involved in the project ( Type test, FAI, commissioning, …)
* Milestones
* Product deliveries
* Documentation deliveries
* Follow-up the Project financial status:
* Budget commitment of each department
* Cost spent
* Engineering/Methods/After Sales service hours
* Internal and external cost (prototype/tools/NRC external activities/….)
* TMC consolidation with specific action plan to optimize cost

* Guarantee the Contract Margin improvement of the project Forecast at completion with culture of "anticipation" to avoid impact not identified on P&L
* Manage the risk of the project with a good knowlegement of the contract (liability/penalties/terms and condition):

* Maximum cost
* Probability
* Action plan to reduce/remove or transform the risk in opportunity
* Manage additional offers/opportunities in the scope of the project to increase the CM
* Follow-up overdue on project with dedicated action to obtain payment from customer.
* Preparation of data/presentation following defined template Annax and
* Review with PM director (monthly basis)
* BU Project review with BU Project Director (min: each 3 months)


* Rigorous in the project execution
* Anticipate potential risk/opportunities to put under control CM evolution
* Master the project management processus with V cycle
* Build and control project planning execution including the management of load vs core team capacity available for the project
* Ability to synthesis in the reporting
* Constructive Customer relationship with an empathy mindset
* Autonomous in the project execution
* Collaborative and positive skill with his core team
* Proven working experience in an industrial environment, including budgeting, planning, execution, delivery, quality assurance, and reporting.
* Bachelor's degree or equivalent
* German Professional proficiency written and spoken, Fluent English, French can be a plus
* Qualified candidates are proactive problem solvers with superb planning, coordination, and leadership skills. They are able to communicate with stakeholders from diverse functional areas, and can convey complex data in tangible business terms.

Please get in touch so I may give you all details with respect to the company, role, salary and beneftis.

Thanks and best,


+49 89 20 60 54 327

Norbert Savel

Norbert Savel


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