• Senior Fullstack Engineer (Node.js, React)


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    €60K - €90K

Senior Fullstack Engineer (Node.js, React), Bayern, IT, €60K - €90K

Whilst it's not officially announced to the press yet, my client just received an investment of 400 Million Euros to invest in their new web platform. This money will be used to build from scratch a product that will enter a market worth 5 Billion Euros with only 8% of its customers currently fully digital. For this, we are looking to hire Fullstack Engineers, as well as Lead Engineers that can function in a role that will include a skill matrix of over 30 technologies.

Technologies used are truly Cutting-Edge: Node.js, React, Kubernetes, AWS, Apache Kafka, Elastic Search, Docker, Istio, Grafana, CloudWatch and many more.
You will also get to work in high-end environment such as: DDD, TDD, Event-driven- & Hexagonal Architecture, Self-contained Systems, Micro Frontends etc.

Where and when?

You will be based in the new M8 super office in Werksviertel, Munich: a State-of-the-art, flexible office space with area learning, interdisciplinary laboratories, social cocooning, corporate labs, maker spaces and innovation camps.

The role and what makes it special over other roles you are receiving from recruiters:

* The creation of the Developer teams to work on the above project has not been announced yet and can not be found anywhere online
* The role will offer a chance to eventually grow into a lead position.
* The roles are not set in stone. The tasks and shape will in part be based around you and the skills you bring to the table.
* You will work on a platform that sells more than just the ordinary product. You will work on a product that enables experiences whose memories last for a lifetime.
* Salaries ranging from 60-90k base + Benefits

Should you be interested in finding out more, feel free to book in a call here or email

Hannes Von Dahn

Hannes Von Dahn

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